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Rack::JSONP and invalid callback

When you want to return actual JavaScript from your controller you might use Rack::JSONP middleware from rack/rack-contrib gem. It works well.

The thing is – if you’re using Pusher like me, you’ll get a 400 Bad Request response every time.

Why is that?

Well, there’s this regex which validates your callback parameter and appareantly it doesn’t allow brackets nor quotes. Observe:

# gem regex VS default callback
Rack::JSONP::VALID_CALLBACK =~ "Pusher.auth_callbacks['1']"
=> nil

Dirty solution is simple: replace the Rack::JSONP::VALID_CALLBACK in the initializers, either to allow those brackets and quotes or allow this very specific callback from Pusher.

BTW do not allow anything /*/ or else you’re creating a security risk of XSS attacks.

I’m not sure how active the repository is but I left an issue #123 there.


Thanks for reading, Jakub Naliwajek